terminator beast or voodoo2



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I have P2 with 300Mhz, AGP and Voodoo1 Card.
Today Iwent into a store and asked for about voodoo2. The clerk told me that Voodoo2 is dead, and that I should buy the Terminator Beast. So, my question: Should I???????


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voodoo II rocks. Whoever said that to you was trying to push something on you. I have a 12 mb Monster II and the thing kicks butt. If you already have a voodoo I then you already know the difference between regular and 3dfx graphics. amazing! As for the terminator beast I don't know much about it so I am alittle biased. But don't give up on voodoo technology!

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read the article that hardware central did on the "Beast" and make your decision...i would go for the beast myself..why buy OLD technology?


The beast!! I think not. All the technology in the world is irrelevant. What matters is how it looks and how it plays. Voodoo2 and TnT are the only tw othings worth buying. Everyone says that S3's only problem is the drivers for the savage 3d, but by the time the drivers get on track, the card will be obsolete. Fancy words and benchmarks mean squat . Voodoo2 is the fastest thing out ther, but suffers some in visual quality, I just bought a velocity 4400 TnT, and it kicks a$$. It looks greatr and runs fast, and most of all, it works. It sounds like S3 has a lot of interecting things happening right now,but the bottom line is the savage 3d based cards are not up what they could be. By the time the are, we will beont voodoo3 or something

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The TNT is a nice card, no doubt. But a good Savage card (like the SGRAM Terminator Beast, out next week) is almost as fast in single-texturing games (nearly everything), and is a lot cheaper.

...and thanks to the new drivers, most games actually work! ;-) No need to wait any longer.

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Spawns initial question was should he get a Beast, not what you think he should buy. And i can say that i did read part of his question wrong, i though Spawns wanted to buy a voodoo1, so that is where the "old technology" came in.

I myself own the STB Velocity 4400 TnT, and it does ROCK