Team Fortress Classic Question?



I just installed the halflife patch with team fortress classic. I want to play a single player game so I can get more used to the controls. When I select new game, and select my character class I wind up falling into a pit first thing that I can't get out off no matter how hard I try. This is the first part of the game where the tram starts in the intro to regular half-life. I tried to be quick and select a character that way I would fall right onto the tram, but no luck I just get stuck and the tram won't move. If I jump out, the tram moves on ahead without me, and I fall into the pit I cant't the hell out of. Can you just not play a singleplayer game in Team Fortress.


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No single player for Team Fortress Classic. I don't understand how you can start one, the button should be disabled. Team Fortress Classic is the best FPS game for me IF you can get a server with 24-32 people with 200ms> ping. I have a good server which I am 40ms!!, and most other people 150ms>. Usually there are 20+ people and man, is it sweet! My favorite way of playing is an offensive engineer.