Tape Backup


John Day

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I have an older Hewlett-Packard "Colorado 250MB" internal tape backup drive that I would like to install in my new computer.

The problem is, I have no installation manuals to follow.

I physically installed the tape backup unit into my computer.

I purchased a "ribbon" cable that could connect to both my 3-1/2" disk drive and my tape backup unit.

When I connected everything up, my 3-1/2" disk drive no longer worked and the tape backup unit failed to work too.

Am I doing something wrong here??

Are the 3-1/2" drive and tape backup unit completely different pieces of hardware??

I'm running Windows 98.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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My HP Colorado came with it's own cable that has to be plugged into the controller or mb directly and has a connection to connect to the floppy cable end that would have plugged into the controller. I've tried using a standard twisted floppy cable to not have to use 2 cables, but it didn't recoginize the tape drive. Don't know if this helps.


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Also, I should add that Win95 or 98 may not detect a tape drive until you install the software for it. It is a possibility that you might find an older copy of Colorado backup at some shareware sites.

I use floppy's mostly, and don't save much anymore, just word processing files and such.


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Don't want to suggest anything too obvious but I installed a tape drive and my floppy also quit working. I discovered I had accidentally plugged the drive in backwards at the motherboard. I actually had to install a new floppy to get it all straightened out. I learned an important lesson though: DOUBLE CHECK ALL CONNECTIONS!


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Try to plug the tape drive ribbon in first then the 3.5. If you have any questions e-mail me