Take a look at this pic....



Why am I still doing up?
Damn you! :mad: :D (I knew something like that was going to happen.

ok, heart, you can come back into my chest now...

ol' man

workin fingas to the bone
Originally posted by jankerson

I didn't fall for that one. LOL
You did not fall for what? If you did not then you would not know what we are talking about.

Thanks alot rangeral you made my wife start crying. After she gave a me a couple slugs.:D She did not like the ring. She is Korean and the black eys like that are what their traditional ghosts look like or something.

What a wonderful picture.:D


Our Friend
Please tell your wife my apologies, I wish I had somebody to pounce on at the time. I edited the post with the warning from the site.:eek: