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I need to connect 2 sites approximately 3 miles apart. The connection needs to be completely dependable at a rate of 750Mbps. I was thinking of fractional T1. Would this be a good solution and how much would it cost. Are there any sites I could go to for this kind of info? Thanks.

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I think that a fractionalized T1 is going to be your only option. ISDN only provides 112k and DSL is still limited. T1s are very expensive to install and lease each month. So unless you work for a company thats going to flip the bill, you might be out of luck. The telco will charge you for installation and then only for how many channels of the T1 you want. So for 750kbps you'll need 13 channels. Hope this helps some.


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Digital's right. However, it will be difficult to find out a cost from a site. I used to work for an ISP, and we don't post prices. They usually charge you per 64K, and the prices for that banwidth slip my mind right now. I wanna say about $300-400 a month but don't quote me on that. Mail me, and I'll look up the exact prices for you. Installation is the killer financially though.

P.S. Sorry I forgot, but if you contact the telco by phone they will discuss prices with you, they just leave them off of the internet I would imagine, so competition has to work a little harder to get the rates.

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