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syndicate wars problems on windows xp

hi, i just downloaded the game syndicate wars for my pc, but when i start it up, it gets to the menu screen, and when i move my mouse it crashes my computer, so i have to restart it! im running windows xp, and i've tried changing the compatibility thing to windows 95, but it still crashes my computer.

could someone possibly give me some pointers on whats wrong and how to make the game work? thanx.

ps i have an ati radeon VE graphics card, if that helps!
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As in Bullfrogs Syndicate Wars. That is really old.

Ok I confess I own a copy. If it is the old game its a DOS game which requires SB compatible sound card and a VESA compatible card.

I'd say you make a decent Win98 bootdisk, set Compsec to your harddrive root and load it from DOS

You may have to make a decent autoexec.bat and config.sys to optimise you 640k base memory.


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i do not believe it is a dos game i thought it was windows
it was made in 1996 which would mean it would be meant to use windows 95.
i agree it was a damn good game but may have problems running under xp


Yes you can play it under DOS box of Win9X but since XP's DOS component is fully emulated I doubt you will get it to work.

Compsec is an environment variable. If you type SET under DOS you will be returned a list of variables. Typing 'set comspec=c:\' will tell DOS to search for the command interpreter from your HDD rather than your floppy (which is just very slow)

If you do not have a Win9X boot disk go get one from