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Would someone please tell me the difference between an SVGA and a EVGA monitor. Be gentle, I am slow :)




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I have never heard of an evga monitor before. Evga is a company that makes video cards and other computer hardware. I think that svga has been the standard for monitors for quite some time. VGA monitors would be the really old crappy ones that came with an old 386 or something. You really dont need to worry about the differences if you are buying a new monitor, they will all be svga. I am not a monitor expert or anything so this is just what I think the difference is. If you really need to know you might want to wait for a person more knowledgable in this area to reply.


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No no, back in the ol days (pre '90s days) there was the monicrome days, the cga days, the ega days, then finally the vga days. If you have a choice, the svga monitor is better than the ega one. More colors and more resolutions.

Although I don't remember what EGA's standards were, SVSA will beat it so I would recommend that setup if you have a 'really old' system.

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Anything can do 800x600x16 color can be called SVGA.

EGA is 640x350x16 color.

There are CGA, MDA, EGA, VGA, XGA, SVGA and all video card can do at least SVGA nowadays.