Suggestion: Put in a link to the second page of a topic in the topic list



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This would be a suggestion to the Administrators.

Some UBB sites have a special feature in the list of topics, like here where you see all the topics, the author, the # of replies, and the time of last post. The feature only applies to topics with enough replies to make more than one page, which is typically 40 replies. What the feature does is put the text "Go to page x" on the same line as the subject, right to the left of the subject. And x is the page number, which you click on and you go right to that page. This is a useful time-saver to people that have been following the topic and already know what is on the first page. For an example, check out Home Theater Forum, where they have many topics with high amounts of replies.

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you're definately right about that...modem users have a hard enough time as it is trying to download long posts, when you've been following a particular post, it sucks to have to let a 30+ post page load just so you can click the "page 2" button.