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I notice you are running UBB version 5.42.
Another site I frequent also has UBB version 5.45c.

At their site they have a forum/topic room called "Who's Online" where someone can enter the topic to see who's visiting their website and what topic they are currently browsing. It also auto-refreshes.

Can we do something like that here?

Here's the link to their "Who's Online" topic if you want to see how that works...

I thought it was very neat... and would be pretty kewl to add to HWC if our version of UBB could do that!


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sounds like a very good idea to me...

something to think about brian.
By the way hows the consumer forum going?



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That is not a new feature of the newer version. That is a "hack" to the UBB code that has been written by a private party. UBB is OK with hacks, in fact they even have a support forum for hacks at their own message board. But, my point is, it is not a feature that can simply be turned on.

The problem with hacks is all the different versions of UBB that are being used, and the fact that they are all slightly different from each other. So, a hack may or may not work at all or correctly on any particular version, and typically the newer versions have the least amount of hack support due to their newness.

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Thx 4 the info...
Will check it out more...
I was planning on buying a copy of UBB but I found a free web board called EzBoard that does the same as UBB, so I'll use there board for a while... $170.00 for UBB is a little much for me.