Stupid Q about CDR Media



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I'm going to buy a huge bulk pack of CDRs for me and my friend. I have a 2-year old 2xW/2xRW/6xR CD-RW drive, and he just bought a 12xW/6xRW/36xR CD-RW drive. Different CDR Media have different Max. write speeds starting off with 1x and going up to something like 18x(is the highest I've seen). My question is, if I buy a bulk pack of 8x Compatible CDRs, will his 12x CD-RW drive be able to write to them, or will I need to buy 12x Compatible Media? I'm more concerned about price than I am speed, even though it's not that much of price $.10 more /CD for the 12x vs. the 8x.

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Most of the CDR Media can write at various speed. For example, if your CDR media is 8X max, you have no problem burning it by using 12X CDRW. but the maximum burning speed will be 8X even though you are using a 12X CDRW.

In other words, it does not mean that 12X CDRW can only burn 12X CDR media. You can still burn, but upto your CDRW/CDR Media max speed.

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