Strange sound stutter occuring?!?



Vlad The Impaler
Actually it hasn't happened recently but for a while it was happening all the time. It's not due to a game because I haven't even played any games in some times. It just eventually after x amount of hours will start stuterring, most notably it's like when, say I click a link instead of the little "tic" noise it sounds like a machine gun for a second. It's just a typical AC97 onboard sound setup, but I have never had any issue with those in the past, so what gives?


Elder Geek
Maybe the AC97 audio chip is overheating or starting to fail.
Onboard AC97 chips also suffer from interference from the rest of the board,
or other radio frequency generators that might be near by.
Who knows, garage door opener, cell phone, cordless phones, etc.
Maybe power fluctuations to the speakers?
Tough call with so little to go on.
I know some here would disagree, but I have never had good experiences with Onboard Audio. I always include a Soundblaster card with every purchase and I NEVER have any issues. Just my experience....
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