Still kickin'!... but need a kick in the arse...



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Ok, this lil' GF4 has been faithful, and it's even kicking some butt in HL2, but with all of the new games coming out so rapidly, I need something a bit more... so here's my dilemma.
my specs are below, so that's taken care of, but my question is this:
Should I buy a new motherboard/CPU and get a PCI-E 6600GT for about 500 bucks total? Or should I just bite the bullet and get something like and x800 or 6800U in AGP flavor to squeal away on my aging rig?

Weird question? Well, give me some weird answers.
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Well, if your CPU is already an equivalent of the 3200+, I think a CPU upgrade is hardly worth the money and effort. Anything faster than that is just too expensive for too little actual improvement in games.

Personally I'd spend it all on a good graphics card, if I were you. Buying, say, a 6800 GT will make a _much_ bigger difference than getting a 6600 GT and a CPU.