STB Velocity 4400 drivers


mr soundz

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i have an abit bh6 mb, and i just installed the velocity 4400 with the factory driver cd. I went to to get the new drivers, but it says the following:

Windows 98/95 Drivers
V4400_142.EXE 11-04-98 1.2MB The WHQL Certified 1.42 driver for the Velocity 4400 increases performance in a number of applications. Release 1.42 also improves performance with ALI-V chipsets on Socket 7 motherboards and improves video playback of DVD and AVI files. Use with BIOS version 1.1 ONLY
VISION301J.EXE 11-04-98 3.4MB VELOCITY 4400 VISION 3.0 Utilities. Includes Windows 95/98 Driver version 1.42 (WHQL Certified). Use with BIOS version 1.1 ONLY

Will these drivers work with my MB?!?!



Those drivers will work, but they aren't "New". New drivers for your card were released a couple of days ago. I found the link over at Voodoo Extreme's site. Check for the link at the top of the page in the "Binaries" section. The link goes to Quantex's web site. Who knows why Quantex got the new drivers up before STP...