STB VELOCITY 4400 doesn't work HELP!!!


Armored Wolf

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I just got a stb velocity 4400 and after i installed it the damn thing is stuck on 16 color mode...before i took out my old trident 2 meg 2d card i switched to 16 color mode..i removed the old display adaptors and installed the drivers that come with it but still only 16 colors..every time i go into settings windows says that my hardware isn't configured i let windows install the drivers and after i reboot when i go to settings AGAIN it tells me not configured getting pissed off now...HOW THE HELL DO I FIX IT!!


what drivers are you using? I had a few problems getting my Velocity TnT set up.
what type of motherboard are you running.
If you're running a super socket 7,

Armored Wolf

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im using a generic Mobo and i have a PCI velocity..i downloaded the latest drivers..