Static noise (Speakers, comp, earphones)



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I have recently bought a Gateway PC - This is the page with all the specs.

The PC tower had a headphone jack, so I tried it; all but one pair produced an annoying static noise. After a couple weeks, I bought a new set of speakers that had an earphone jack of their own; it produces a LOUDER static noise.

This is the cheap pair of earphones that did not produce the static noise.
The others are Sony ones.

Thing is, my really old speakers did not have this problem, even when used with the new PC.

Oh, here are the new speakers I'm using. The old ones came with my '01 Dell.

Now, before I buy anything, I'd like some opinions and possibly explanations please.

1. What exactly is causing this, and is it fixable?
2. I'd prefer to buy new earphones. What are the different kinds I should look out for? (I assume this is not a quality problem, since $5 earphones aren't affected)

Thank you for your time


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Sorry for the double post. I'd like to add some new info:
The $5 earphones, while not as severely affected, have some static.