Start Menu screws up when I change the video card clock speed



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Whenever I overclock or underclock my TNT2Ultra (using Powersprinter or NVmax), the start button gets freaky. Something weird like this
or this
happens to the start menu button. That can be corrected by rebuilding icons in Tweakui. But, where my start menu is supposed to display Windows ME on the left side in blue, also gets messed up and that can't be rebuilt.

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That exact same thing happens to me also whenever I exit from playing an OpenGL game like CS or Q3. At first I thought it was a driver problem, but I tried ASUS 6.18,6.31, Detonator 6.31,6.35, but it always happens. I've learned to live with it, since it doesn't affect my gaming or other applications.

Celeron 466
ASUS P2-99B mobo
ASUS 7100/T Geforce2 MX, Yamaha DS-XG 724f