Star Wars Gallaxies?



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I know it comes out today, Is anyone going to get it? Do you know the cost per month to play?


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At launch Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided will offer four subscription plan options: Month-to-month - $14.99; three months - $14.00 per month; six months - $13.00 per month; and 12 months - $12.00 per month. By subscribing to any of the latter three plans, players can expect savings of up to 20 percent over the month-to-month rate. Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided has a suggested retail price of $49.95, and includes a 30-day subscription to the game. A special collector's edition, which includes a book of game-related art, in-game wearables, pewter figurine, lapel pin and patch, and a signed manual, will be available for a suggested retail price of $79.95


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i already had mine on order,but im not going to pick it up.Way i see it.i paid $5 to play the demo for awhile now,but im not going to pay to play per month.


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Personally, I think it's a rip off... I know they have to manage the servers and the bandwidth and all, but you know what,'s been doing that for YEARS and they don't force you to pay per month... it's just another way for them to charge more and justify it. I could see if you initially spent only like 20 or 25$ on the game, then had to spend another $5-10 per month, but their rate structure is just ridiculous to play a silly game that isn't even fully complete!!


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But they are constantly adding stuff. Its like paying for constant expansion packs. I still don't like paying monthly but I can see the reasoning behind it..


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Comparing to MMORPGs is like comparing apples and oranges. Even blizzard realizes it can't afford to set-up Worlds of Warcraft like


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From what I've heard, the program is extremely buggy and people haven't been able to connect to the servers either. It looks like a very fun game but I'm wating until some more reviews come out before I shell out the $$$.