Stability and Stress Tests



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Hey everyone!

I havn't been out looking or anything. But I was wondering if any of you know of any good stress testing programs. Something that I can run for hours on end and try and crash the computer. I'm curious to really test how stable the computers are I build. Something like they use over at Anandtech. And please no suggestions like running quake demo over and over. I already run things like 3dmark2000 and 2001. If they run stable everything else I use or install will run fine.

But I'm just looking for something that pushes the machine to it's limit, or at least more to it's limit than some video games etc that I try...



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Hey, I have another idea. Prime95. If its freeware, then please feel free to post a link here. If not, just deal with it through email.


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You may wanna try Super PI - For me It's the best - in only 10mins It can tell ya If your CPU will be 100% ROCK or not...

Man this sounds like a commersial...


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yeah, I think I found the same utility you are referring to(also the same program SadPanda sent me). Looks to be a newer version. CPU stability test 6.0... Inbetween jobs I was at home and started it up and it appears to be doing some cool stuff. It opens up between 6 and 10 threads and my CPU temps have gone up quite a bit. It's only been running for like 2 hours but hasn't crashed yet.

Prime95 is freeware... the octools link that flat-v8 had it among a couple others.

As for RC5... what is that? I did a search for them at a couple of my favorite download sites and came up empty?

Ahhh... I just checked google. Encryption cracking... is that correct?

Thanks for the fast respones, you guys are impressive today!