Spectre 2500 VS Velocity 4400 Which I should buy



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I've heard about many good things about this
2 products. Which I should buy (My com PII 350 Mhz 128Sdram and Asus P2B Mainboard)


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Unless you can find the velocity 4400 significantly cheaper than the Spectra 2500, go for the canopus one. Canopus goes the extra mile with all their cards. The total 3d 128 card from canopus has awesome tv out capabilities compared to the velocity 128 and the diamond viper v330. The pure 3d voodoo 1 card (I have this card) has 6mb of memory, not 4, and has tv out. Now the spectra has even better tv out than the total 3d 128, reverse pass through capabilities (witchdoctor) that supports voodoo1 and voodoo2 cards, and has a cooling fan built on. Canopus cards have always been called the mercedes or cadillac of the respected chipset boards they make.