Spectra 2500 card pairing



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I got a quick question for you all...I'm in the process of building a nice computer for myself and was looking at the Canopus Spectra as a video card(it seems many people here recommend it and I've read some very good reviews). I know it doesnt support Glide, but I read in one review where it was implied that ANY voodoo based card could be paired with it...is this true or is a voodoo 2 card the only compatible card?


From what I've read, the withchdoctor technology works with and 3dfx voodoo or voodoo2 card.


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You can use the Spectra 2500's reverse pass through with any voodoo1 or voodoo2 board. It uses an external cable. The bonus here is that the spectra has excellent tv out, allowing you to play any of your 3dfx titles on the tv as well (due to the reverse pass through). What you are probably hearing about is the Canopus Witchdoctor 128 card. This card uses an internal pass through cable to attach to any voodoo2 card through the voodoo2 cards sli connector. This witchdoctor card is based on the riva 128 chipset and has 4mb of memory.