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I'm quite an audiophile, and I'm very picky about sound quality. Currently I have a set of Altec Lansing ACS-300.1 speakers (w sub), a set of Cambridge SoundWorks (w sub) and 2 other ones I dug up. Im just curious as to your opinions on speakers. Have you had any bad experiences? Good ones? Any brands you recommend? Thanks.


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Take a look at www.bostondirect.com
I just ordered the entry-level ba635 3-piece set. Boston Acoustics is known for making quality home and audio speakers and I've heard some good things about their computer speakers as well.


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Right on the money Stephen_yi Boston AC. s'been making great sound devices forever I even have 2 sets of 6" in my '97 SC400 along with MB Quarts tweets & 4's. But on my "programming" computer system, where i spend most of my time, I have the Altec Lansing ACS44 Sub w/ satellites. Kick ass like cartman I love em so actually yer both right.

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BA 635's are pretty nice.
I think the Yamaha YST M28 are pretty close, actually the bass may be a bit tighter.
It's tough to call what comes out of these things bass after listening to my Mirage M5si's though...
BTW, Yamaha's are $59 at Buycomp.com