Speaker Setup



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Hey guys I was wondering if any of you thought it might be a good idea for me to buy a video card with TV-Out for my TV and also buy a SB live! Value and then use the tv's speakers for the front channels and then my stereo for the rear channels. I think this would like be the big fatty. Just want to know what you think.


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Make sure you buy a video card with good tv out quality, such as a canopus total 3d 128, a canopus spectra 2500, an ati all-in-wonder pro, or a matrox marvel g-200.

I would think of using your stereo speakers for your front channel though, and use a set of computer speakers for your rear channel, you would get better sound from this, uless your tv's stereo speakers are good quality.

Other than that, have fun. I have a card with tv out, and it is a blast to play games on a screen 4x larger than your computer monitor.