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I have a IBM clone system, Win95, Ensoniq AudioPCI card, and Yamaha YST-M7 speakers. The sound is fine on Win-based games, DOS games, Win apps, etc. But I can barely get any sound out of the one speaker while playing music CDs in the CD player. The other speaker works fine though. I'm using the application program for playing music that came with Win95. Works fine if I plug the card into the home stereo system. The mixer board program that came with the Ensoniq works fine but can't help. Don't believe it can be the speaker's problem. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Make sure the balance is correct in your volume control panel.

Also make sure that the connectors on the back of the speakers are ok (if you say everything but cd works fine, speaker connections should not be a problem).

Just double click on the speaker symbol on the taskbar and check to see if the cd balance is in the middle.

I have this same set of speakers, and have never had any problems with the speakers themselves.


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I think it's your audio connector from the CD-ROM to your soundcard. Some connectors looks similar but the locations for left and right channels are different. The stupid guy who assembled the PC might have attached the audio cable to the wrong connector.

You must open up the case of your PC and look at a small black or gray cable running from your CD-ROM to your sound card. Look if there is other similar connector on your soundcard and try to attach it there instead.