Sparkle Power Versus Seasonic



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Would 500 watts power supply be enough for this system?

My system is:

AMD 65 watts X3 Phenom II
Nvidia 7600GT
2 x 1.5 terabyte Seagate Hard drives
2 x 1 Gigabyte sticks of OCZ ram 1.90 volts.

Thinking about this powersupply:
SeaSonic M12II 500 Bronze 500W

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i just tried worked for me.

in addition, the newegg site said this psu has a 5 year warranty, but the manufacturer website said it's a 3 year warranty. however, there is a 650 watt version (SeaSonic S12E Bronze 650W) that has a 5 year warranty which is $30 dollars more. would it be worth spending the extra $30.00 for the 650 watt version for the warranty? i don't game on this pc, just watch movies, play music, and surf the internet.

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dman777 said:
Sparkle Power Versus Seasonic ...
In terms of brands, Seasonic.
Sparkle used to have a good reputation in the past but their quality appears to be slipping.

May be of interest to some,
SeaSonic S12E series are not modular.

The SeaSonic M12II 500 Bronze should be sufficient for your system.