Soundscape plays waves too fast



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Hello everyone

I'm trying to install an Ensoniq Soundscape
in a Windows 95 system. Results so far:

-mono 8-bit .wav-files play too fast, something like 2-3 times the normal speed
-stereo and/or 16-bit .wav files don't play;
the playback stops almost immediately and
only a quiet cracking sound is produced
-.avi-files with sound play too fast, avis without sound play normally
-in Device Manager->Computer->View Resources->DMA there is a small blue symbol (possibly letter "i") on a white circular background on the sound card icons
on the channels the card uses (1 and 3)

Otherwise, the Device Manager doesn't report any conflicts or problems and no error messages are produced. The problems don't seem to depend on the sample rates of the .wav-files.

My systems is:
Windows 95 SR-2
66 MHz 486DX2-S, 16 MB memory, 356 MB hard disk, 36X CD-ROM drive
Ensoniq Soundscape S3016 OPUS (OEM) sound card with original drivers
a Tseng ET4000/W32-based display adapter
with generic Tseng drivers
no printer, no modem, no network, no other sound or MIDI boards

I'd very much appreciate any ideas.
Thanks in advance.