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Here comes the fun. I have a PC Chips M577 mainboard with an Aureal Vortex PCI sound card an an Accel Graphics AccelStar II AGP card. All drivers have been updated to the latest and greatest.

Here is the problem:
During navigation, (hopping from one screen to the nex), the system will play the associated sound, then lock up. No ctl-alt-del option either. A quick fix I found was to disable the sounds associated with the following navigations: Start Nav, Nav Complete, Restore up, & Restore Down.

Of course, if any other application is running a sound file, (WinAMP, RealAudio, etc), the same problem exsists.

Has anyone else seen this and/or know of a fix?

Thanks in advace!


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Not seen this happen on a main board but it reminds me of a friend and his old MWAVE sound&modem card in an Aptiva. It has to be poor chipset design or at least the software divers. SInce the Aptiva card has no flash bios option but your board does try flashing to a newer or older bois, even just to test this theory. I think it'll get some questions answered.