sound cards and dvd movies



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I want to understand what is the basic setup needed to experience 5.1 sound while watching dvd's on a PC. Do I need a sound card? or one of those speaker kits will do, (e.g. Logitech 5.1 surround system x-540). What do you hook up to a sound card - speakers only, or home theater receiver with speaker. Similarly, where do I plug 'Logitech 5.1 surround system x-540' or a similar system? To the line-out jack or the headphone jack?
Finally, if I only wanted to have #D sound with headphones (is it possible?) what do I need?


whiterock said:
... basic setup needed to experience 5.1 sound while watching dvd's on a PC...
5.1 sound card/chip.
5.1 speaker set.

Actual connections may differ slightly depending on speaker set.


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As Shinma stated.


5.1 (or better) sound card OR onboard multi-channel sound.
Analog or digital outputs.
5.1 speaker set.
DVD with 5.1 sound encoded available.

Player capable of detecting, decoding and presenting multi-channel sound.
Properly set-up to output 5.1 channel sound.

Not all DVDs have 5.1 sound.
Those that due must be set up in the player software to select 5.1 sound as an option.


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we talkin dobly 5.1 or dolby digital 5.1 here? if its just the former, you can use any dolby 5.1 home theater receiver with pretty much any soundcard to get 5.1 since analog dobly is just based off stereo inputs anyway. but if you dont have a home theater receiver and speakers yet, i guess one of those prepackaged powered speaker kits will be better for you as they require less setup and money.