Sound Blaster 16 vibra



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>Please help me, I have a windows 98 machine with your 16bit vibra sound
>card which all of a sudden has failed to produce any sound for some unknown
>reason. I would like to re-install the sound card drivers but when i did
>from the win98 cd the system asked me for my creative labs driver disk
>which i don't have, I then had to quit out half installing the driver.
>Please instruct me in how to install the driver again - do i need to
>completely remove all drivers linked to the sound card and start from
>scratch or can i just update the driver for a new one by using the device
>My cd rom (32x) has become slower also, I'm not sure if it's linked to this
>problem but it keeps on trying to read what ever cd in the drive which is
>quite anoying as i've got autorun enabled... could the head be dirty - - -
>i've had the pc since May 98.


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Okay, this is the best set of drivers I could find:

Your best bet is to wipe out ALL the old drivers and reinstall with the ones you find here.