Sony, Trinitron, and whatever....wasup?



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On all of the sony(or vivatron) monitors that I have seen I notice two grey lines that run horizontal across the screen after the monitor has been on a while. Someone has told me that these are support wires that are holding up the screen. When the monitor has been on a while and gets hot the lines start to show up. Is this true? If so, why pay more money for this 'great' feature? Or is this an old thing that has been fixed? A myth?


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ALL Trinitron-based monitors have the aperture grill wires that you refer to. Some people never get used to them.....others aren't bothered because they prefer the better color saturation and brightness of a Trinitron tube rather than a standard CRT.

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The lines exist... they don't bother me... unless I'm on almost a completely white background they are almost invisible...

Maybe its worse on a Trinitron... I actually have a Diamondtron... maybe its actually better than the Trinitron... because I completely forget they are there 99.9% of the time, and the last .1% is no big deal.