Somethings gonna BLOW!!!!!



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damn....I dunno im hearing all these funny sounds now with the case off...slight high pitched noise when I say..scroll a window down and after awhile im getting it whenever I move the mouse (heat????). Its freaking me out needless to say. Also my powersupply (im sure its that) is making funny noises too. It sounds kind of like when u aim a vaccum cleaner at the ground and no air can get through but slightly less noisy. This happens especially when the screen changes but even when nothings happening. That other little sound is annoying me even more though im thinking its my tnt2 but dare I say..have I overclocked my cpu a little too high?? its [email protected] im gonna try putting it back to 466. Dam if its not one thing its two others...EXPERT HARDWARE GURUS..HEEEELP!!!!!!