Solution.....if anyone will read



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You guys seem like ya'll are starting a real "hype" of all this with TNProud2B. Personally, I don't really care what happens to the moderator....he hasn't offended me in any way....yet.

Perhaps, since a moderator was picked without due notice and further acknowledgement of "the people", we can petition for a relection made public to "HWC" in choosing a moderator.

That away, not only can a point be made from other members, but agreement can take place and everyone can have a word. A wiser of wiser decision can be made and a moderator of the "majority" can be appointed.

Of course, have the election last a bit longer than just a few hours so everyone can find it......ever since Toolbox broke up the General Forum, no one's actually staying "on-schedule" like before.

Remember, this is only a suggestion to you "rioters" who would like to straiten things out and I do not clearly support it.

Consider me officially abandoned this's all yours for the taking.




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You've always had the forums best wishes at heart, thanx D5. I wish too that I had had a chance to vote! I wasn't even home, and when I get home, all this had changed. I HAD NO CHANCE TO VOTE!

PS: SS is wrong about TN.
Get JJR in here now...

I don’t know how I got here… I was only looking for the washroom.

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I was going to vote for Collinj, so the issue is resolved as far am I'm concerned.