Soft Power off leaves a humming through speakers



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I assembled a mb/cpu case etc... combination. I have done this many times before. When I shut down Windows the PC does a soft power off as it should with an atx case/ps. I can hear a humming coming through the speakers on my system. If I unplug the speakers from the sound card and touch the tip of the plug around the area of the power supply I can hear the same hum. If I turn off the power supply completely it stops. Do I have a bad power supply? Is something not grounded properly? The system works fine it is just kind of an annoyance.


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I recently built an atx case for the first time,
it booted fine twice until i took the floppy out

all that happens now when i press the power button is the lights flash on the front of the case the monitor power saving comes on and the keyboard lights flash.

Any ideas as to why it won't boot up?

Compguy Pete

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My system does this too. But I really dont think that this is something to worry about. Yes it is annoying but I found a great fix....
I turn the power off for the speakers... since there is no need to have them on while the PC is off.

Something to maybe try is pluging the Speakers or PC into a differnt outlet. It couls be line noise.

Compguy Pete


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Sounds like the leads from the case buttons & led's to the motherboard might be wrong - are you positive that they are all fitted correctly? I know when I build my PC that it was a while before I got the leads correctly fitted!

Davey P