SOF or Deus Ex?



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Buying a new game today and I can't decide between these two. I think I've played Max Payne (beaten it on all levels except New York Minute) and Hitman to death. What do you guys suggest.


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Definately Deus Ex. Don't be fooled by the demo, the training and the first level suck but as soon as you hit the second level, you see why it was Game of the Year.

As fun as it is seeing your enemies suffer and die realistically in the few first levels of SOF, it quickly gets repetitive.


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Kind of hard to say which one to play, because they are different styles. But play Deus Ex first...then play SOF.


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Definaly deus ex. Game play and graphix are awsome and its not only all bloodshed but u have to use ur logic as well. u also learn a lot about govt ideals and how to run govt and its a wonderful game!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I agree. Tried SOF and get myself bored after lvl 2. One of the best things about Deus Ex is you often have more than 1 way of doing things. In addition, the storyline is f**ckin killer.


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if you have the spare change. I'd get both of them.

DeusEx is a great game, specially if you have the hardware to run it at 32bit.

S.O.F. is good when you don't want to have to think too much...just shoot.

anyways. I'd get bothe because DeusEx II should be out early next year or late this year, and S.O.F. could be out the same time as well.

I always like playing the whole 'series' fromt he start.


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Chalk another one up for Deus Ex. I agree with you silent_bob, that first mission/demo doesn't quite catch the air of the full game. I think of it as exactly like movie trailers should be, enticing concept but not handing over the plot, saving the best bits and lines for the full title.

That game again: Deus Ex


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SoF is also good with add-on's from sites like

BTW is there a dedicated SoF website for add-on's etc, other than the official one ?

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They do play differently, but I would get Deus Ex regardless of what kidn of game you like. That game is truly incredible and will keep you occupied for many weeks. My friend has passed that game over 5 times because its so different everytime you play it.