so which IS a better video card???



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For a hardcore gamer, which is a better video card overall?? That new GeForce card, or the Voodo 5??? Or will I be better off just with a cheaper Voodo 3??



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Simple rule to follow:

Quake-engine games: nVidia cards.
Unreal-engine games: 3dfx cards.
All others: either one.

With the newly released detonator 3 drivers, UT is much smoother on my tnt2u, which is getting replaced this week with a geforce 1 ddr.


That's pretty good rule to live by.

Let us know how the 6.18 drivers work for you on your DDR, Huge. I've heard nothing but good things so far and I'm going to give them a shot tonight. My Asus 6800 hasn't liked any of the previous 2 releases very much (5.22 and 5.33). I'm hoping the new detonator drivers calm it down a bit.


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Get voodoo5 if you have money. Thats what I would do. Either way, whatever you get, you'll still get very nice preformance. So i wouldn't worry about it too much.


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The new ATI Radeon looks promising and from what I read in Previews HWC it looks set to knock some of the spots off the competition. Time will tell. DD.