so this is a forum for games patches..., help me to play unreal on my voodoo3 2k agp


Red Demon

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i don't know what version it is.. but i use to play it on my ati rage pro 8mb.. well only run it but no play it 'cause it not was playable in my old machine..

i upgrade all my system and put the v3 2k, installation was ok, it ask me if i have a 3dfx card, i click yes and when executing unreal.. a error message come up n' take me back to the desktop...

if you can link me to a page with a patch that will make unreal run with my 3dfx card..
i will appreciate it..



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yup, listen to brother plays UT on his V3k 2000 agp...jsut need the patch. Make sure you set it for the 3dfx rendering in the options.