Small hard dives - which is best?



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I'm rebuilding my old computer, so obviously I need a new HD. The one I have now is a 2.1 non-UltraDMA. I'm looking for something small as I still have plenty of room on the 2.1, and I only want to spend $100-$150. I have seen a Fujitsu MPB3032AT (3.2, 9.5 seek, 5400 rpm, 256 cache, Ultra-DMA) for $119. Are they any good? Is there something better? I want to put it on a 300a/BH6/64mb/TnT system. All help is appreciated!


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Fujitsus aren't speed demons but are very reliable, and the company's warranty service is also top notch. Fujitsu has been building hard drives longer than even Seagate.


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For about $125 or less, you can get a MAXTOR 4.3GB HDD. I highly recommend MAXTOR - have had great luck with them. I would stay away from Fujitsu and Seagate. Western Digital is another good choice.
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