Slow to detect CD at boot-up


Elaine Bateman

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I'm running W95 rel 2. When I go through the boot up process, I keep getting a message that my CD hasn't been detected (R)etry or (A)bort. If I retry anything between once and twenty times, it finally finds it but this is a bit annoying. I've tried re-installing it in dos instead of windows but no change. Any ideas? Thanks.



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Hi Elaine!

Could do with a bit more information: At which point in the boot-up does the message appear - is it before the 'Windows 95 is starting' text message? - is it at the initial BIOS screen? - is it after the Win95 splash screen appears?

Also, what new is your system? Is it an old cd-rom that takes ages to spin up? Also, details of your processor type and speed, and BIOS manufactures (AMI or AWARD) would be handy...

It sounds like your BIOS knows about the cd-rom existance, but it has problems finding it when you boot-up (the BIOS will send a message to the cd-rom asking it to announce it's presence if it is there and yours seems to be taking its times doing this...).

If you choose (A)bort, does the cd-rom drive still appear when you go into 'My Computer' in Windows95?

Do you mean that you've tried re-installing the cd-rom drivers under DOS rather than Windows? You only need to install DOS cd-rom drivers is you want to use the cd-rom when you are not actually within Windows95 - if you open a DOS box from with Windows95, you will be able to access the cd-rom even if you've never loaded DOS drivers...

Davey P