Slow Redraw ATI and Win2K



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OK, something's up here....Two systems:
600 Mhz P3, 256MB Mem, ATI 3D Rage Pro 8MB running Win2K and 450 K6 III, 64MB Mem, ATI Rage II 4MB running NT4.

Comparing Adobe Framemaker drawing a full page graphic, the 450 IS WAY FASTER!!! Drawing speed on the 600 is unacceptably slow - even though I have much more muscle on this PC.

I suspect the ATI driver for W2K on the 600. Have tried both W2K's and ATI's beta - still the same poor results. Or could it be the difference between W2K and NT4? (I think not). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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Are you running in 24 bits color depth? I got an ATI Rage IIc and the drawing was much more slower in 24-bit than in 16 or 32-bit.