Slot1 or 370 ?



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Hi dudes....Seriously
Any oppinions?


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You can't really make a wrong decision about PPGA or Slot1. The world seems to revolve around Slot1, they make everything for Slot1 first, then add PPGA products later. You'll have more cooling options with a Slot1, as most of the overclocking market is targeted at this type of processor. Its late enough in the game now to say that there isn't any sacrifices to be made either way. The Slot1 with a PPGACeleron on a Slotket adapter is the kick-ass way to go in my opinion. Only if its on a good motherboard and the Slotket adapter includes voltage jumpers to change core voltage. A slot1 is the way to go, you can run P2,P3,and PPGACeleron/slotket on this type of board. The PPGA motherboard is limited to Celeron,really. Both designs perform well so there's no way to screw this decision up. Good luck


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Hey TN I'm thinking about upgrading and rigth now it's between BF6 with a Slotket and an Athlon setup.
My wallet and the options of P2,3 and cely makes the BF6 look good, the question is WICH Slotket is a good choice???

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