sis 6326 doent work with quake3



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hi there,

i got my computer with agp sis 6326 graphic card , then i bought quake3 but itfails to run asking for open GL . wat to do please help.......

thanking you

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ashish modi


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the SiS 6326 AGP is best described as El'cheapo. Unfortunatly, it only has BS (bullshyt) 3D at best. (I should know, this sucker of a video card is built into my motherboard).

To get the best performance out of it, just make sure you're running the latest drivers, BIOS updates (for the video card) and the most recent version of DirectX.

I believe DirectX 7a did improve this video cards ability to run OpenGL, but even then, don't get your hopes up too high.