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Why not a picture of your mobile phone too?

Sony Ericsson K750i



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jankerson said:
Always wondered where you got your username from, that would explain it!

I dont have and dont want a picture of my phone as i hate the thing! Nokia 3510i

getting replaced with a Nokia 6230i in the next few months


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Quite right.

Modified! The software that came on it was made in something like November 2004, and lacked voice command and a few other (useless but I wanted them anyway) things.

So I got a data cable and flashed it (heart in my mouth for half an hour) and it worked, I now can tell my phone to "mp3 player" or "name lookup" or "voice dial". The funny thing is, I never use it, and my phone has since started making a whining noise after about a minute into a phone call, I want to send it back and get another one but I can't do that until I put the old software back on, which I can't find!