Silent cooler for Athlon XP1500??


David Kittos

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I have a very loud fan/cooler on my Athlon XP1500 cpu (running at 1.33Ghz - not overclocked).

The noise is really annoying and I need to install a silent cooler.

Can somebody please recommend a silent cooler?

Thinking about the Globalwin CBK-II58 (HS-005-GL) from - any good?

Note that I've tried the Flower Cooler CNPS6000-CU from - unfortunately the heatsink takes too much space and couldn't be installed (unless the power supply came off!!).

Any advice (please recommend UK based suppliers if possible) would be much appreciated.



PS: I already have an ulta quiet powersupply - the noise is coming from the cheap CPU fan the supplier installed on my PC.


that sink is fine, might also wanna look into taisol, good cooling with low noise.


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Zalman also has a cooler called CNPS 5100CU (or newer)
I used this on my XP2000+ and ran it on half of the original rpm by using the icluded FanMate. Only minus is that you mount by using the 4 holes around the socket... If your mobo has that i would recommend you bying this. It is really easy and safe to install.

Or you could switch to watercooling? :)



lol, nothing really extravagant is really needed to cool an XP1500+, it runs much cooler than a 1333MHz T- Bird, so just about any decent sink rated for a 1.2-3Ghz T bird will work, as long as you're not overclockin.
Todd a

Todd a

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If you got a bit more money (under $30 US), a Thermalright SK-7:

or Thermalright AX-7:

Both are VERY good coolers and use 80mm fans. A good low RPM 80mm fan really works good at cooling and would likely work good enough to cool an AthlonXP 2400+... overclock away.


Ditto on AX7 (great reviews), AND add Enermax 80x80 manually adjustable fan (I have 2 - 1 on CPU and 1 as exhaust). Dual ball bearing and, especially w/o overclock, turn it down to a whisper. Fan is $8 at Newegg. I love em! Good luck!

P.S. Comes with 3 and 4 pin adaptor and chrome grill guard.


I've use the AX-7 and a delta 68cfm 12v at 5v, very quiet and cools real good, if you wanna drop some money down, that'd be a good choice, you can get the fan reccomended before though.
Todd a

Todd a

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Drop some money down? I've seen the AX-7 for about $24. Man I remember when the FOP32-1 was about that price.I've also seen that SK7 for $27. That thing is solid copper and cools great. Likely they would perform about the same. Best of all the both have a standard clip so you do not need a motherboard with the 4 holes around the sochet (or have to take the motherboard out to use them), they both use 80mm fans, and they both cool really good (even with low RPM fans). If you are not going to overclock, you mifght get a Vantec Stealth fan (27CFM @21db for $6). These things are VERY quiet. You can likely drop your voltage on your CPU to keep it even cooler.

I found those prices here:

Of corse this is a US dealer. Shipping is pretty cheap too.

Of corse a nice fan like this always looks better ($12):

Or this might be your flavour ($10):

Cool, quiet, and pretty. :D