Silencing a computer?



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Has anyone reflected of the sound level of todays computers?
Wouldn't it be nice to make your box as silent as your VCR or TV?
This is what i thought, but i would still like to be able to overclock etc!
Well, is it possible?
So i would like to know if someone knows of some solution of sound insulating a chassi but still having a powerful cooling solution.

I have been looking for some good materials to insulate my box, but in vain...
Also, does anyone know of some really silent - but still usefull - fans ?


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It's kind of hard to try to insulate your box to sound because your case is designed a certain way with vent's in it so the CPU can get the correct cooling from the fan if you can find a way to sneak around that you might have a good concept on your hands.



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Can't help with insulating the chasis, but I did isolate the entire box from my desk by placing it on a couple of old mouse pads -- seemed to cut down some of the vibration noise.