signs of cpu failure?????



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i have an intel E8400 3.0 cpu under system properties in w7 it shows one core at 3.0 the other at 267 it use to show both at 3.0 is this a sign my cpu is going to fail?:cool:


weissmertz said:
... is this a sign my cpu is going to fail?:cool:
Not necessarily, depends on software in use/question.

You can run two instances of the software, CPU Burn In, to check activity of both the cores.


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Anyone here had a cpu die in the last 5 years, as opposed to motherboards, hard drives, etc?

Thought not.

Just had another old laptop go down with a damaged screen. They don't take kindly to me getting punted off my bike, or slipping on wet painted pavement and falling on my backpack. Now those things are fragile.

Sorry about the thread hijack.


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These 45nm cpu couldn't have cores clocked at different frequencies. What software are you using to see these clocks. Can you show us a printscreen?