Should I get a makeshift Voodoo2?



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I'm currently running a P2/300 system with 128 megs ram and a diamond viper330 under Windows NT. I'm going get a new system in january with at least a tnt2 ultra. But as for now, I just started playing descent3 and love the game. But the OpenGL mode isn't so great under nt and/or my riva128. I know I can get an old voodoo2 card from my friends for 40 bucks or so and I'm wondering if it will make things a bit faster or look better when I play descent3 under nt. Which is the bottleneck right now, my cpu or my v330? any comments appreciated.


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It's probably the V330. For some reason in Descent3, OpenGL is really slow. I also have a cl 3dblaster voodoo2 and it goes quite smoothly even on my k6-2 266 so you might want to consider it.


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I think you'll really benefit from the Voodoo2. I had a Voodoo1 before with my Mystique and damn did that run so much smoother.

Voodoo2 I'm sure is much better. And though I've never had the Voodoo2, my current Voodoo3 is quite nice in games!

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Can you tell me what diamond viper330 driver and directX do you use ? Descent3 setup is not able to detect any API (DirectX or OpenGL) on my NT system...

Thanks !