Should I get 250 Watt or 300 Watt for AThlon?



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If I get a 250watt recommened power supply to power a 550 Athlon with 160mgs RAM, 27 gigs, MG-400MAX, Live! Value, SCSI card, DVD6x, CDRW, Network card, and a 56k Modem, will the computer run fine?

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Looks like pretty high power requirements to me. Better go with 300watts. You've got a whole hell of a lot of devices.


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As a general rule, I always go for the biggest power supply I can afford.

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You'd be just fine with a 250 watt power supply. I used to have a 230 watt PS and had twice as many devies as you currently do and everything ran fine.

The thing to consider here is how many of those drives will all be running at the same time.

But then again, if you can get your hands on a 300 watter, might as well go ahead with it since you'll probably add stuff to your computer in the future!

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