Sharp UM32W Powering Off



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This email is an update to previous problems I was having with my Sharp UM32W
laptop powering off suddenly.

My original post is here:

A follow up email can be found here:

Since I sent out those emails I have received several back from users with
similar problems. I had originally wanted to post my findings for the use of
others. However at this point it is more than obvious that this isn't an
enormous coincidence that this many people are having the _same_ problem with
their Sharp UM32W laptops.

With that said, if you own a UM32W or know someone who does and they are
having similar problems as the ones I have mentioned in my previous emails,
please contact me. I am trying to get solid numbers on exactly how many
people are having this problem and see if there are any legal steps that can
be taken to right this situation, as it seems more than obvious that Sharp
knowingly sold defective laptops.

If you feel as though you purchased a defective Sharp UM32W please contact me. Thanks!

- Justin