setting voltage on my slocket



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I have a Slocket with some jumpers etc and I want to increase the voltage, but I have no instructions!
It says "370SP Rev 1.0" at the top, has a jumper called "clock" with "auto" and "over" settings, then a bank of 5 3-pin jumpers and a bank of 5 dip switches! what do they all do? MB is an ASUS P2-99, but the slocket came seperately.


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Well I know that model, but you'll have to get the storing package of the slotket - on the front there's a diagram of the settings!!!
The voltage can be set form 1.8 to 3.5V on that slotket!!!


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Do you mean the plastic baggy it came in cos thats all I got. Hope I didn't chuck it out!


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Don't worry, man. I've got that adapter and I've got the instructions for it. When I get home from work today, I'll post the switch settings for you.



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HELP! I also have the same slocket without any instructions. Please post or email them to me too. Thanks!


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I need this card jumper setting too!!!
Thanks in advance



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Dam where are you guys buyin shit that doesn't come with documentation? Let us know so we don't go there!!!!


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I bought one of the slocket adapters from out of Florida. I no longer have the slocket, but if the jumpers are in one way it is at 2.0v default. If the jumpers are another it uses the dip switches. It also has a jumper for 66/100Mhz force for those motherboards that have the detection. The dip switches all set the voltages. I don't remember what they are. Sorry. You could try and see if the above company could give you info on the card though.

If you guys give up I have an extra MSI slocket I will make someone a deal on. Make me an offer. It's brand new, in box.

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Hi .... Help request please.
I'm looking for jumper and dip setting for a slocket with (from top right down) autoclock / overclock; then jumpers JV1 to JV5 and next dips 1 to 5 .

The card ref is: PII CPU CARD v1.1 the socket itself is marked PGA370 LT and there is a bar code 99A075773 on the reverse.

There are also 9 holes through the card under the cpu; maybe for cooling?

Can you help?
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I just got the same adapter "no brand" 370SP rev 1.0, and I'm also looking for help about the jumpers and dip switches settings.
Thanks to let me know if anyone can help me.


New guy here ... need help, too ...

This is my slocket (attachment) and I'm trying to get a P3 800/100/1.7V cpu to work with my BriliantX 1S motherboard using it. The system is used as a 24/7 downloading machine and to play DVDs, Mp3s in my living room running on a celeron 466 cpu at the time which I'm trying to upgrade. Setting everything to auto (default = used also to boot with the cel) makes the system not able to boot (system powers up but won't beep, boot or anything). I also set the voltage (SW1 - DIP switch) to 1.7 using the diagram of the card on the above photo but no luck ...

My bios is the absolut latest one "b1s_b22e.BIN" and I know for a fact that the CPU is 100% working. I've read that my mboard does support 800/100 P3 cpus on other forums. My PSU is 450W, I tried both ECC and non ECC ram ... cleared bios ... about everything I could do ... I did it. I wouldn't wanna go into playing around with those jumper thougt before I know more ...

If anyone knows ... I'd like some info on what jumpers JV1 to JV5 do? My guess ... setting PGA/FCPGA compatibility, fsb 66/100/133, setting the multiplier and probably the brand of the cpu (cyrix/intel ...). Any info, diagram, manual or anything would be really helpful !!!




Nevermind ... found everything out on my own ... will soon (next couple of days) post all the information on how I got my "celeron only" slocket to work with a P3 - 800/100/coppermine/1.7Volts cpu after a simple and quick mod. :) :) :) :D :cool:


Celeron only slocket curring voltage jumpers ... fc-pga PIII support mod

:eek: Well, I've been having some issues with my slocket. System boots fine and into windows XP that is ... but I've been often experiencing system lockups. Cooling is fine (30 Celcius tops) So I'm still "debuging" my system to be 100% sure what's wrong. The slocket mod I tried seems a success but ... I can't go on and post what I did as a bulletproof tutorial if I can't be 100% accurate.
;) For those who are in a hurry to try something out for themselves ... here are some tips ... JV1 to JV5 jumpers should be considered as one switch. Meaning ... if you like to manually set the cpu voltage using the SW1 switch you have to move all jv1 to jv5 jumpers to the lower position (= each jumper covering the 2 pins closer to the sw1 switch). Setting all off the jv* jumpers to the "upper" position means allowing the slocket to set the cpu voltage for itself.
:D And yes ... by using the sw1 switch you are in position of manually setting the cpu voltage from 1.65 to 2.4V like the slocket photo "" even if your slocket does not have "all" these voltages onboard printed.
:D The JC1 jumper that stands alone on the photo of my slocket ""
is for setting the freq of the cpu. Auto means letting the slocket choose between 66/100 and overclock means manually setting the frequency locked at 100. After modding my slocket I didn't have to set it to overclock, the auto position picked up the freq of my p3/800/100/1.7v coppemine cpu and booted just fine.
:mad: Yeah a slocket like this one won't support a FC-PGA PIII cpu. It's celeron only so ... we need to mod it.
:rolleyes: The mod I'm reffering to involves 2 "simple" things. You need to make a bridge (use a soldering iron or some conductive paste) between two cpu pins or the contacts of those pins on the back side of the slocket itself to be safer and insulate a cpu pin (sticky tape blocking the contact of a pin within a hole of the cpu socket or cut the pin straight off the cpu which I don't recommend).
:cool: Trust me, it's easy to do but since I'm still experiencing system lockups I won't go into any more details for now ... I'll be back when am 100% sure the mod works. I hope that's relatively soon so keep in touch ... Nico ...

:p By the way, English is not my native language so please excuse any easy mistakes here and there ...