Setting up sound zones throughout basement?



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Hi Guys,

I have a friend who wants to setup a entertainment centre downstairs in his newly finished basement.

He wants to have one TV setup in one area, with it's own set of surround sound speakers. He then wants a secondary TV in another area (by the pool table) and have this setup with speakers in the ceiling, just for watching sports and such.

Lastly, he wants to factor in a computer output through HDMI....

So, is there a way to control volume levels (and muting too) in one area but not the other.

How would one go about watching satellite on one TV, but the other TV have it's own sound feed and be on a different channel?

Any feedback would be great. I assume he needs a complex receiver or something?




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There's multi room receivers out there, but I don't know if they can all play two independent sources to two sets of speakers. Here's an article detailing some setup examples that you might find helpful.

[Edit : here's a thread where somebody is looking for a similar multi-source setup, there's a few recommendations thrown in :, also you can google "multi source receiver" if you want to find more models.]

If the areas are far apart and a multi-room/multi-source setup is too expensive, I'd go with a standard surround receiver for the surround setup, and get a separate stereo receiver for the ceiling speakers in the pool table room. For the stereo setup, some TVs (mostly older rear-projection models) even have binding posts for external speakers so if your friend has one of those you might not even need a receiver.
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