Selling Macbook Air w/ superdrive + software



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I'm selling a Rev. A Macbook Air Iv used for about a year. It's got a 1.6 Ghz processor, 2GB of RAM, and an 80GB hard drive. It's used but in pretty good condition, see the pictures. There's a very slight bit of screen wobble but it isn't very bad and it doesn't wobble easily at all under normal use. the screen has no dead pixels or anything of that sort.

I'll ship it with the following hardware:

Macbook air in original box with all accessories
Macbook air usb super drive ($100)
Incase Neoprene sleeve ($34)
Dynex 4 port powered USB hub(see pics)
6ft male to female USB wire
Windows 7 .iso burnt to a DVD in case you reinstall later

The following software will come preinstalled:

iLife 09
iMovie HD
iWork 09
Windows 7 with bootcamp(everything works- sound, wifi, etc)
Windows XP Professional with VMWare Fusion.

Here are some pics:

I'm looking to sell this for about $1490 shipped but some what negotiable so give me your offers.

I will sell it with paypal only, or you can PM me for a link to eBay if you want to be more safe.

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Send me a PM or post here if your interested.


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Many thanks,

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State general location please.
Unless shipping and/or insurance will also be completely covered by you.


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Ah sorry.

I'm in central Texas. Shipping will be covered by me though, insurance for $10.

Why can't I link to my eBay feedback?


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Good luck on the sale.